Different parts of Texas have different relationships with water.

Water is equally important across Texas, but where we live in the state affects how we interact with it.


Houston is one of the most diverse cities in America, home to Fortune 500 companies and a booming oil industry. And water is at the heart of it all.
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San Antonio

The San Antonio River, also known as the Yanaguana River, is the heart of the community. San Antonio was shaped by the ancient springs of the Edward's Aquifer and continues to rely on these waters today.
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The Hill Country

The Hill Country is one of the fastest-growing regions in Texas, and water is one of its main attractions. But the Texans enjoying this gorgeous setting aren’t always aware of how fragile the supply is.
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The Panhandle

From its booming beef industry to the arts, the Panhandle relies on water to keep running strong, and the Ogallala Aquifer plays a crucial role.
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