Water is what makes the Hill Country gorgeous. And also vulnerable.

There are few settings in the country as stunning as Texas Hill Country. From the spirits to the sunsets, people flock here in droves to take it all in. And water is a big part of the draw. It’s abundant, it’s beautiful, and it’s also quite fragile. 

The Hill Country relies on the Edwards Aquifer, a karst aquifer that fills up fast and empties even faster. For all its beauty, the Hill Country is a region prone to teetering between flooding and drought. Being aware of the water situation is key to keeping this region bustling, growing and flowing in the right direction.

Water is the Key Ingredient for Life in

The Hill Country

Water and oil aren’t the only things that flow in Texas. The Hill Country has 68 breweries, producing some of the best dang beer in Texas!
Craft Beer Austin

Did you know every river between the Rio Grande and the Middle Colorado is born right here in the Hill Country?
Hill Country Alliance
People have relied on the headwaters of the San Marcos River for over 13,500 years, making it one of the longest inhabited sites in North America.
Texas State University & Indigenous Cultures Institute
Comal Springs is the largest freshwater spring in the state. Its seven outlets flow for 4,300 feet along the fault, percolating from the Edwards Aquifer.
Texas Through Time
The Texas Water Safari is the longest canoe race in the state, starting in San Marcos and paddling on for 260 miles to Seadrift.
Texas Water Safari
What’s there to see in Texas? Just ask our visitors. In 2016, the Hill Country saw nearly 32 million guests.

Travel Texas
Three of the top 5 fastest growing counties in the US are right here in the Texas Hill Country. Texas was already big, but it’s still growing, y’all.
US Census
The 1,100 springs of the Texas Hill Country supply water to 11 million acres, 17 counties, and over 4 million Texans.  
The County Information Program
Hamilton Pool isn’t just a pretty place to take a dip, it’s the 7th most Instagrammed location in all of Texas.
Big 7 Travel
Texas bubbles with about 3,000 springs, including some of the largest in America.
Texas Aquatic Science
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Different parts of Texas have different relationships with water.

See how these other regions handle their water.

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