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Texas' history is shaped by our rivers. In San Antonio, the Yanaguana River, now known as the San Antonio River, is the heart of the community. Fed by the ancient springs of the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio's earliest inhabitants depended on the river as they shaped and settled the land. Today, the river continues to shape our history. Everything we love about San Antonio - Fiesta, the Spurs, tacos, the Missions, our vibrant communities - all Run on Water.

We recently partnered with San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS) to unveil the newest water-themed mural in San Antonio's south side. The artwork is a celebration of San Antonio's history and it's deep connection to water, designed by Cruz Ortiz.

Water is the Key Ingredient for Life in

San Antonio

Did you know spring water from the Edwards Aquifer forms origin of the San Antonio River, and has been home to indigenous peoples for over 12,000 years?
San Antonio River Authority
Those old wranglers you love? A ton of water went into making them.
Water Footprint Calculator
Did you know it takes about 660 gallons of water to make 1 hamburger?
Water Calculator
That pint of beer your swigging took about 150 gallons of water to fill. Bottoms up.
It takes around 225 gallons of water to make 1 pound of tortillas.
Chapagain and Hoekstra
Texas bubbles with about 3,000 springs, including some of the largest in America.
Texas Aquatic Science
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Different parts of Texas have different relationships with water.

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